Do facial masks really work?

There are thousands of different facial masks. Taiwan is called, “kingdom of facial mask”. Girls are told to do skin cares. Is it better to use facial mask every day, or just once a week? Are expensive facial masks really much better than parity ones? When do you use facial masks? After sun exposure or before dating?;) In fact, after-sport is the best timing because we lost lots of water and electrolytes after sports because of sweating. After cleaning, skin will become even drier. If you can give the skin instant water retention at this time, there is no waste you exercise so hard for beauty.


Why does electrolyte need to be suppled by facial masks since we always do it by sport drinks? Healthy skin supposed to have a certain quantity of good bacteria. Once the proportion of bacteria is out of balance, the defensiveness of skin will become worse.

After sports, the skin becomes hot and redden. Especially face skin is rather fragile than body’s.

Hence; 1. exercise 2. clean 3. NOWON E-mask, is actually a very perfect three-steps maintenance!

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