Meet our tribe!

NOWON Ambassadors are a selected group of sports enthusiasts, who not only enjoy being active themselves, but also have influenced others to make the healthy change - making significant contributions to the whole sporting community. They deserve to be recognized as role models for their contributions and support to the spirit of NOWON.

nowon ambassadors

Outdoor sports and recreational activities are fast becoming a predominant trend in recently years. Not only do these activities reconnect you to natural world, staying active and sweating is also good for your physical health. However, after exercising and sweating, your skin also becomes extremely sensitive.

When the skin is exposed to sunlight, the base cell layer of the skin reacts and produces melanin to defend your skin against UV radiations. Freckles and dark spots on the skin are common issues caused by the precipitation of melanin. Prolonged exposure to sunlight may also cause rapid skin aging, wrinkles, fine lines, and other skin problems, as allergens, dust, and air pollutants often clog pores, and stimulate the creation of free radicals. These may lead to inflammations, dry skin, darkening, and allergic reactions of the skin.

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