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We all have expectations for our own destinies. Some people dream of perfect partners, and some dream of decent jobs. For me, I want to be stronger by training twice a day to keep gaining muscles. I wished to focus on upcoming competitions. Before I pursue my ideal figure, there were plenty of worries and fears. At the moment, I was preparing for my academic exam for more than two years. It’s all for the opportunity to live in the life I dreamed of.

During these two years, I experienced lots of failures and setbacks. At many sleepless nights, I questioned myself whether I’d overestimated my ability. I had wondered if I’d underestimated the exam. I had doubted there may be something that I will never achieved no matter how hard I’d done. Every mornings I asked myself whether I’d better to give up. I was afraid to lose and all my effort will go in vain.

Nevertheless I have finally pulled through it. I constantly remind myself whenever I want to quit, I’d think back how determined I had been. Now I train twice a day and six days a week. I am pursuing for my ideal physique without any doubt. I am living in the life I dreamed of without further delay.

Everyone of us may experience self-doubt at some points. I believe we are all capable to be strong enough to realize our dreams. Here is a tip for you, “When you get pressure and stress, just think of weight lifting. Work hard, and never give up. You will conquer all.”