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IBA was created because I’ve always had a burning desire to do something meaningful in the world. We believe that a student’s academic success can be greatly improved through athletics, which is why one of our main goals is to help teach and guide our students to use basketball as a tool to further one’s education. We also believe that expanding our student's international experience will change their perspective of life, and will help bring their world vision and international experience back to better contribute to Taiwan, in the future this also makes them more attractive prospects in the job market when they are older.

At IBA, of course, we focus on the NOW, training our students hard and having incredible experiences, but I examine each individual student carefully at a young age and figure out what can I do NOW to be able to prepare and put this person into the best position possible to succeed at their desired goals 7,8,9,10 years down the road. I have 2 important jobs at IBA, the first is to prepare each student to the best of their ability, and the second is to introduce new experiences and opportunities so that when those great opportunities in life arise, they’re ready to grab it. Success only comes to those who are prepared for when opportunities arrive.


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