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Before 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, I didn't know much about football. I guess it was that excitement after watching the World Cup, I soon wanted to give it a shot. Because I had never tried it before, I searched online and found Wanhua Chenguang Football Club. I contacted with the team leader, and started my football journey. I still remember football was considered as a dying sport in Taiwan. The resources were very limited as compare with now. There were few instructors teaching adult football. I didn’t know how to play football when I started in Chenguang. But the leader was very kind and enthusiastic to give me one-on-one teaching, also gave me a ball so I could practice myself.


From a person who did not understand football to become a professional, I want to share my own experiences about football with others and hope to influence more people to engage in this sport! I expect myself to be a good coach and keep promoting it. I started playing football at the age of 27, considering very late practicing this sport. But it is never too late to have a dream. So please dream big!