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I loved sports since I was a student.  I was in sport team and represented for my school then won lots of games. My proudest score is the 3rd place in mid-long distance race of college cup. I gave up training and games because of school. It was a pity that I had not exercised any more after that. Time passes, one day, I kept getting fat.  Even though I just ate once a day, I couldn’t lose weight.  I had tried many incorrect ways to lose weight, then all of those couldn’t work out.  I was so panic, then I finally figured out diet control and exercise are so important for losing weight efficiently. Hence, I restarted my active life.


I started from diet and jogging, and the result was pretty obvious at beginning. I had lost 5kg within 3 months. Due to the imperfect knowledge, much problem popped out. My knees got hurt and my body fat was way too low down to 9%.  I lost weight successfully but I wasn’t healthy.  I didn’t look well. My skin became dried and loose.  I didn’t have the right figure and health as women’s. I lost my breast and my period was not on time.  Doctors couldn’t help me up. And I gained fat again with very bad health condition.


Therefore I started looking for right fitness plan with correct diet control and safe efficient exercise habit. Now I am good, and never been better.